Deliverance: Demon False Messiah (Sun Myung Moon), Monday Live 27 Aug 12

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Demon from the ‘Synagogue of satan’: “I am (Sun Myung Moon?) the messiah of the times. I rule the earth.” “Your own Master failed.” “I am the real messiah that has come to deliver the world.” “I deliver the people through internet marriages.” ” I give them employment; I create opportunities that your Master can’t give them.” “I make them to enjoy the world.” “I collect ( the people’s) blood.” “(I arrange) their marriages.” “I bless the churches; I give them money to get buildings.” “I give them (pastors) money, they give me over their disciples, I enter those pastors, I kill their Christians; I use them (pastors) to destroy their followers. I use them to live in immorality. I use them to worship me, and misinterpret the Word of their God. They begin to preach a different thing.” “I am the messiah of the times, and the earth must worship me.” “The Synagogue of satan is (not built on strong rock.)” “The SCOAN is built on a strong rock (of God).” “I cause churches to fall. I give them many things they want. I push many of them to fashion and design; I make many of them to enter immorality. Homosexual. Lesbianism. I cause youth to have a different doctrine.” “They must be divided, so that (I can) rule.” ” He (Jesus) committed immorality with Mary Magdelene… there is no way you can change the gospel. I preach the true gospel.” “I give (the people) everything, women, men, money: I give them (the ability to reach the heights of the earth).” Wise Man John Chi, Deliverance Minister. Monday Service Live, 27 August, 2012.

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