Pastor’s Conference in South Korea 04/03/2014 Part II

Prophet TB Joshua delivered a wonderful message about Pray+Faith+Word of God+Holy Spirit.

+ Praying is not dreaming.  Praying is not desiring.  If you don’t hear the suggestions of Holy Spirit but your pray, that is not praying, that is your desires.  Your hear God not through your ear, but through your heart.

+ Faith is committing yourself and your things to someone else who is smarter – Jesus, clever – Jesus, smarter – Jesus, powerful – Jesus.  Believing in God means committing yourself and your things to God and trust him to accomplish them for you.

+ To have great faith, you need a Great God.  Your God equals your faith because your God is the Giver of your faith.  It’s not that you have small faith, but you have small God.

+ If you don’t have Word of God, you have nothing.  The Word and Holy Spirit must marry.

+ Money hinders praying, healing, prophesying and deliverance.  It’s not possible to heal for money.


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